Your frequently asked questions

How long will I take to get up & riding?

Everyone learns at a different pace, and for your own progression and safety it is important that you are left to progress on your own. For this reason the majority of our lessons are run privately ensuring time is spent fine tuning the skills specific to your own development. An average person takes 4-6 hours of lessons to be safe and confident enough to hit the water on their own.

I can windsurf / surf / wakeboard / waterski / snowboard... will that help?

Kiteboarding is about 80% kite flying, however board skills certainly do help once you reach the water phase of your lessons.

Do you provide equipment?

All gear is provided for your lessons however we highly recommend you taking your last lesson on your own gear so that you can become familar with all aspects of it.

How do I know what equipment to buy?

Advice will be given to you during your lessons as to what gear would be most suitable for your personal needs.

How much does the equipment cost?

The price of retail equipment varies greatly across product ranges, however there are many good second hand options available which we can talk you through. Once you are geared up wind and water is free!

Am I fit enough to kiteboard?

A basic level of fitness is required, which will then development as your skills do.

Where are the lessons located?

lessons are located on St Kilda West beach see our contact page for more information.

When is the ideal time to learn?

Melbourne's kiteboarding season extends from Ocotber to April when our consistent seabreezes kick in, however you can kiteboard all year round if you have the ability, weather knowledge and are brave enough to hit the icy water!

Is kiteboarding safe?

Kiteboarding is classified as an extreme sport, however, like anything, if you practise it in the right conditions, you reduce the risk of hurting yourself greatly. However dealing with mother nature there is always an inherit risk of injury to yourself or others, understanding these risks is vital to your progression into the sport.

How hard is it?

Most people are surprised to learn the sport is far easier than it looks and is accessible to a huge variety of age groups, however a reasonable level of physical fitness is needed to participate in the sport.

How do I arrange a gift voucher?

Gift vouchers are avaialble through our online store or in person at our St Kilda based shop.

What should I bring to my lesson?

Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, water wear, wetsuit (if you have and require one), bottle of water, towel. generally gear for your standard day at the beach.

Anything we haven't covered? Feel free to contact us.